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Printing wood

We bought some wooden filament and it’s finally here. So today is wood printing day!
We’re still figuring out what are the correct settings for this filament but it looks so sexy in our printer that we wanted to share a picture of it.

Adding a print server with Octopi

For the last month we’ve been printing with the laptop attached to the printer, what we found pretty inconvenient because it takes a lot of space on our table.

Some weeks ago, we’ve heard about Octoprint, a web based print server ready to plug in a Raspberry Pi with any distro that has an http server installed. It looks like a great idea, but we found something even better: Octopi.

Octopi is a distro based in Raspbian with the octoprint server setted up, basically plug and play.¬† So we took one of the Pis that we have around and, I have to say, intalling it couldn’t be more simple!

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Printing a fan mount

We were having very good results printing with the black PLA without any extra cooling, but the green PLA that we wanted to use was not so cooperative. PLA tends to stay soft for a little time after extrusion. While this is nice because it lets the printed layers fuse together well, it can also cause the finer details of your prints to warp and sag. One advice commonly found on the Internet says to add a small fan to blow cold air over your print, to make the PLA cool down faster. It seemed worth a try.

fan mount

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