Build your own 3D printer

Since 3D printers are getting better, more affordable and we think 3D printing is the future, we would like to show you how you can build your own 3D printer from an inexpensive do-it-yourself kit. If you are willing to get to know your printer you can get very impressive results.

We know building and using a 3D printer can be intimidating at first, even frustrating. There is a lot of new information to find and take in. This is why we are organizing this workshop; we’ve been learning about and experimenting with our 3D printers for more than a year and we would like to help you get started  on this new hobby.

P3Steel kit. Creeper not included :(
P3Steel kit. Creeper not included, but you can make your own!
What is included in the workshop?
  • A Prusa P3Steel printer with a LCD and SD card controller (so you can print without a PC attached to it). We have been testing this printer for months and we got very good results. You can check pictures of our prints in this blog or in our instagram.
  • A set of filaments to get you started. We will give you 7 different colors (10m each) of PLA filament, which is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and easy to use.
  • A set of tools to use during the assembly and for further adjustments.
  • An USB stick with all the printed parts needed for the printer (in case you want to print spare parts), documentation, the firmware,  all the software needed for your PC/Mac and some models you can print at home.
How long does it take and where is it?

It will take 4 days (2 weekends), 4h per day. The first 8h will be used to assemble the printer, the next 4h to calibrate the machine and the last 4h to make your first prints and solve any problems you may run into.

The first workshop will be in Amsterdam, the exact location and date is TBA.

How much does it cost?

It will be 900€ (including taxes) per printer. You can bring a friend or family member (so you can share the cost), but it’s max 2 people per kit.


If you are interested please contact us here:

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