Brighton Mini Maker Faire

Last Saturday we had a stall at the Brighton Mini Maker Faire. We brought our two 3D printers and some sample ‘printies’ to show the possibilities of 3D printing, and the different filaments that are avaliable right now.

Our stall

We  demonstrated our acetone vapor treatment several times during the day. Time after time people were amazed at how well the prints turned out (not only the acetone smoothed ones).

In addition to a wide selection of ABS and PLA prints,  we also brought some made of BronzeFill, LayWood, LayBrick, FlexiFill and Thermochrome. For most people it was the first time that they saw other materials than PLA and ABS; many had no idea that those existed.

Overall it was a busy but very enjoyable day. Our stall was allways full of people so unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to see much of the rest of the fair.

Here are some videos of the event so you can see how it was:

A tour of the Mini Maker Fair, maker’s zone (there was also another part with live workshops, and the Computer Museum had another area as well).

And this is a timelapse of how busy was our stall during the day: