The Fabsterdam Photo Studio

For a while, we’ve been thinking about upgrading our photo setup. We take most of our pictures with our phones, for convenience, but it’s difficult to get nice pictures of small, 3d-printed models this way. Using a ‘real’ camera helps, but for really nice pictures you need a light box. This is essentially a box-shaped diffuser that gives you a nice, even, white background with uniform lighting. Rather than paying a lot for a commercial one, we decided to give this DIY Light Tent project a go.

Purple Tentacle in the spotlight.
Purple Tentacle in the spotlight.

Making one was really, really simple: all it took was a cardboard box, some paper and an old bed sheet. The only problem we haven’t solved so far is finding a good white-light source. For now, we are using an LED lamp (on top) and a halogen light (on the left side). This still gives a yellowish light; not ideal, but quite acceptable for a first try.

We’ve been happily snapping pictures of some of our printed objects. Not professional quality yet, but definitely a lot better than what we had before.